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Accommodation while in Prague for Lens Replacement surgery

We are here to advise you and help you to find the most suitable accommodation in Prague based on your requirements and your budget. The type of the accommodation you choose  depends on whether you prefer to stay in a hotel with or without breakfast or a self-catering apartment with a kitchenette. It also depends whether you prefer to stay right in the city center of the Old Town in Prague 1 or just next to the clinic in Prague 7 which is about a 15-minute walk to the Old Town.

Most of our clients prefer to stay in the city center as it is more convenient and allows you to enjoy Prague to the fullest, do lots of sightseeing in your free time and visit  restaurants and cafés. After the surgery you will be not limited in what you can do with the exception of the afternoon and night on the day of surgery. Then you will be recommended to rest and stay in your room to give your eyes time to recover. You will have plenty of time to explore Prague during the other days you are here.

Due to Covid and its influence on  the travel industry  attractive deals for accommodation are currently available. The price for one night for one person starts at £30/€35 or £40/€50 for two people.

Accommodation in Prague

Finding the best deals of accommodation is easy via We will help you to decide which area is most convenient and will  also provide free internal transfers between your accommodation and the clinic for your eye examination, Lens Replacement surgery and check-ups.

Accommodation in the Old Town Square

Accommodation next in the Old Town Square:

Airport transfers and internal transfers

Your convenience is our priority. We offer a complimentary pick-up service from Prague airport, saving you £30 GBP each way, for a total of £60 GBP in savings. Additionally, enjoy at least 6 complimentary journeys from your accommodation to the clinic and back.

We’ll ensure you have seamless transportation for your pre-operative tests, surgery, and post-operative check-ups. With us, your journey to clearer vision is stress-free and comfortable.

Joseph - Lens Replacement surgery abroad review

Watch Joseph's Review

Lens Replacement Surgery Success Story in Prague

Embark on Joseph’s Inspiring Journey: Witness the Transformative Lens Replacement Surgery Experience Abroad in Prague. Discover how this life-changing procedure offered clarity and vision enhancement, bringing newfound joy and freedom to his everyday life.


"My vision is just unbelievably different. I cannot believe how clear everything is. It has changed my life definitely, so I would recommend it. I can’t thank you enough."

Paul from the UK

Lens Replacement surgery
Great experience. I strongly recommend if you are considering the Lens Replacement surgery. I was working in front of my computer with 20/20 vision the very next day.

Greg from the UK

Lens Replacement surgery
Absolutely fantastic service. I couldn’t be happier. My eyes are amazing. I arrived on Sunday and stayed in the downtown moo apartments which are also amazing. A fabulous location. Lovely restaurants and bars especially the ones on the main road just outside the hotel. Went to every one 🙂 breakfast at Liberica was gorgeous. And cheap. Am visiting again cos I loved it so much. The service getting picked up from the airport and taken to our hotel and picked up for every appointment. Too much good stuff to tell I wud be here forever. Tamara and Angelika are just the best. Looked after me every step of the way. In fact they made it for me. The actual tests at the clinic and the procedure itself was so simple. It sounds scary but there’s nothing scary about it. Dead easy. I enjoyed it 🙂 all the staff are ultra professional and friendly. Practically everyone speaks English. The clinic is homely and pristine. Me and my daughter had a great holiday. Stayed for 5 days. Went shopping and sightseeing all on foot. Had lovely drinks everywhere especially by the river and in the city centre. We had amazing massages too. I love my new eyes they r the best thing ever. Everyone is jealous. I don’t need glasses. I was back at yoga the following week. Being very careful of course. Lots of eye drops to put in for four weeks but once I set the alarms on my phone it didn’t get in the way one bit. I feel so lucky that I had the experience that I did and it was made possible by going to Prague.

Andrea from the UK

Lens Replacement surgery


Why You Should Choose us for Your Lens Replacement Surgery

With over 15 years of experiences with arranging surgeries for hundreds of thousand clients from the UK, Ireland, Western Europe and USA we are confident to say you came to the right place. We are dedicated to choose the best Eye surgeon for you. Our aim is also to make sure you feel taken care of so you can focus on your treatment and recovery. We consider ourselves expert in the medical tourism area. We are here to serve your best interest – be in safe hands and describe to others your surgery and stay in Prague as a life-changing.

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