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“It is less than half the price than back in the UK, where is also a long waiting time. Here I booked within two weeks and had my Lens Replacement surgery done. The lenses I have had are Trifocal – perfect for short and long distance. The surgery was so easy, no pain. From start to finish everything has been good. I will definitely recommend you.”, Paul from the UK

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We have no issues about travelling abroad for treatments as we research thoroughly prior to our choices and couldn't fault the surgeons we were heading out to see. As expected, treatment was phenomenal, care was fabulous and support was exceptional. Recovery was amazing ....I literally had 20 20 vision after I had removed my (less than appealing) goggles... the bonus being that the procedure was undertaken in the afternoon and the goggles came off the next morning so simply had to wear them overnight.  I understand can take a year to recede - even if it doesn't it's an acceptable trade off for being able to administer injections to patients without specs steaming up (most frustrating and unavoidable in these times of masks!!), reading any book I pick up ...even the tiniest of print, trips to supermarkets, being able to read from TV, oh I could go on for ever!! but anyone is welcome to discuss more with me if you have any doubts!! 10 mins per eye??!! come on!! how can you not get this done?! (plus even with my NHS discount this op would be 6k here in Old Blighty against £2,800 .....its a no brainer!!). Please feel free to ask BIP to put you in touch with me if there is anything you would like to know- not to mention Prague is a beautiful country full of lovely people and I will return for a holiday in the future. Thanks so much BIP xxx
I had Cataract Surgery organized through this company ,and I have to say I was really impressed with the service I received . from the first email enquiry right through to the end of treatment I felt like a VIP . Tamara was so helpful and nothing was ever problem or too much trouble. I decided to have this treatment after developing a cataract and being told that there was a 6 month waiting list to have it done on the NHS . After a lot of research and reading great reviews I chose Beauty in Prague I emailed them and within 2 hours Tamara called me and explained all the options that was available and the services the company provide , and answered all my questions . after sending them a copy of my prescription .I received a very well presented estimate of the cost of treatment . I decided to go ahead and told Tamara I would like to book an appointment, She then emailed a list of accomodation so I could choose a hotel to suit my budget , this was very helpful., I booked the hotel and confirmed my flight details . Tamara then confirmed my pick up from the airport. I arrived on the Sunday evening my driver was there at the airport waiting for me and he took me to my Hotel . Tamara was in contact with me from the time I landed . and made sure everything was fine . and to also confirm my taxi for the next morning . I was travelling alone so I found this very reassuring.. Monday morning i was taken to the clinic for the eye examination , when I arrived there was a translator waiting for me and went with me in to the clinic . The eye examination was amazing the staff was so helpful and understanding. as I suffer from anxiety. it was a full examination. and afterwards . it was explained to me all the options available and treatments I could have , and also what they recommend. I have worn glasses for 35 years and I decided to go for the toric lenses in both eyes. The optician explained to me what would happen and what I could expect with this procedure. I was then delighted to be told that both my lenses could be fitted on the same day . which was going to be the Next day and it would take around 15mins per eye . And totally and pain and Needle free . .Tuesday I had the operation it was really good The surgeon and staff was excellent, It was totally pain free as promised and they put flesh coloured plasters with plastic lenses over my eyes ,and gave me a information sheet and bag of eye drops and said I could go , I walked outside and was stunned how good my eye sight was already . Next day I went back for my check up had another full eye examination. and was told everything was really good . the optician even showed me the eye chart settings before the operation so I could see how good my eye sight was now. . . I had no pain or discomfort just needed sunglasses as it was very sunny . And now I had two day to have a look around Prague It was a great city wonderful people. Tamara was always available if I needed anything and was full of very helpful information . I would recommend Beauty in Prague to anyone who is thinking about having treatments there , They went well beyond any expectations I had.. To sum my trip up. It was a life changing experience. I am glasses free and have perfect vision , And I have some great new friends from the clinic and Beauty in Prague . I will definitely go back there for a visit . Truly a VIP experience from start to Finish .
Fantastic service from start to finish. I travelled as part of a group of four, with two of us having lens replacement surgery. The communication prior, during and after surgery was clear and transparent. There were so many elements, so many questions asked from me, but all were smoothly answered and things arranged; from being there to support you during the various stages of treatment (literally in the room in scrubs!), sorting travel arrangements from the airport once arriving in Prague to ferrying back and too to the treatment centre. One of the days even resulted in a driver taking us to the castle for a day of sightseeing. We were obviously apprehensive about having treatment abroad and possible complications despite the monetary savings (at least half price to the UK) but I did my research and was not disappointed. I would urge anyone contemplating such surgery TO DO IT. I felt I was in professional, capable hands. The treatment itself was pain-free and unbelievably quick! After surgery you need to rest and protect your eyes; you're given a comprehensive after-care schedule and various eye drops to administer. We decided to stay for a week in Prague and did a great sightseeing program, its a beautiful vibrant place and a great time to visit with limited people around - we even got a snapshot of Charles Bridge with just us on it!!!
I can not recommend our experience with this clinic enough, my husband and 1 went there for lens replacement The communication from showing interest between our selves and Tamara was consistent, when we arrived at the airport we were collected and taken to our hotel which was a very nice hotel again recommended by the clinic, we were picked up the next day by a chaperone who was lovely and friendly and spoke fluent English, we went for our examinations of our eyes and were then asked where we would like to go and was taken to the centre of Prague, the clinic staff were all very friendly and explained the procedure to us the clinic was state of the art and very clean, we went back for the procedure and we were made to feel relaxed and we went through the surgery with no problems at all, our sight was excellent Straight after the surgery, the price compared to the uk was only a third of the cost, and we got a holiday at the same time, I have recommended the clinic to my friends and if anyone is contemplating lens replacement this needs to be your hospital of choice, I can’t thank each and everyone of them involved enough,
I can’t thank you and your team enough for the way you looked after me throughout my stay in treatment I had trifocal lens replacement. It’s an amazing operation the results are incredible I now have the vision I was born with 20/20. Thanks again guys. You are the best. And highly recommend you and your team.
"My vision is just unbelievably different. I cannot believe how clear everything is. It has changed my life definitely, so I would recommend it. I can’t thank you enough."

Paul from the UK

Lens Replacement surgery
Great experience. I strongly recommend if you are considering the Lens Replacement surgery. I was working in front of my computer with 20/20 vision the very next day.

Greg from the UK

Lens Replacement surgery
Absolutely fantastic service. I couldn’t be happier. My eyes are amazing. I arrived on Sunday and stayed in the downtown moo apartments which are also amazing. A fabulous location. Lovely restaurants and bars especially the ones on the main road just outside the hotel. Went to every one 🙂 breakfast at Liberica was gorgeous. And cheap. Am visiting again cos I loved it so much. The service getting picked up from the airport and taken to our hotel and picked up for every appointment. Too much good stuff to tell I wud be here forever. Tamara and Angelika are just the best. Looked after me every step of the way. In fact they made it for me. The actual tests at the clinic and the procedure itself was so simple. It sounds scary but there’s nothing scary about it. Dead easy. I enjoyed it 🙂 all the staff are ultra professional and friendly. Practically everyone speaks English. The clinic is homely and pristine. Me and my daughter had a great holiday. Stayed for 5 days. Went shopping and sightseeing all on foot. Had lovely drinks everywhere especially by the river and in the city centre. We had amazing massages too. I love my new eyes they r the best thing ever. Everyone is jealous. I don’t need glasses. I was back at yoga the following week. Being very careful of course. Lots of eye drops to put in for four weeks but once I set the alarms on my phone it didn’t get in the way one bit. I feel so lucky that I had the experience that I did and it was made possible by going to Prague.

Andrea from the UK

Lens Replacement surgery



We hope the reviews from our clients from the UK, Ireland and another countries who underwent with us their Lens Replacement or Cataract surgery has reassured you you are in safe hands. Our aim is to provide you with an easy process of booking, fantastic surgery results and on top of that enjoy lovely holidays in Prague.

If you are still having some doubts about Refractive Lens Exchange abroad we are happy to provide you with contact details on our previous clients so you feel confident we are the best choice for you.

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