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Caroline from the UK

We have no issues about travelling abroad for treatments as we research thoroughly prior to our choices and couldn’t fault the surgeons we were heading out to see. As expected, treatment was phenomenal, care was fabulous and support was exceptional. Recovery was amazing ….I literally had 20 20 vision after I had removed my (less than appealing) goggles… the bonus being that the procedure was undertaken in the afternoon and the goggles came off the next morning so simply had to wear them overnight.  I understand can take a year to recede – even if it doesn’t it’s an acceptable trade off for being able to administer injections to patients without specs steaming up (most frustrating and unavoidable in these times of masks!!), reading any book I pick up …even the tiniest of print, trips to supermarkets, being able to read from TV, oh I could go on for ever!! but anyone is welcome to discuss more with me if you have any doubts!! 10 mins per eye??!! come on!! how can you not get this done?! (plus even with my NHS discount this op would be 6k here in Old Blighty against £2,800 …..its a no brainer!!). Please feel free to ask BIP to put you in touch with me if there is anything you would like to know- not to mention Prague is a beautiful country full of lovely people and I will return for a holiday in the future. Thanks so much BIP xxx